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The passing of an expedited emergency rule has allowed the 2007 fishing season opener for Minnesota-South Dakota border waters to be set.

The border waters season opener for walleye, northern pike, and largemouth bass will be on April 21, one week earlier than previous years.

The emergency rule was needed to coincide with the date South Dakota has listed in their Fishing Regulations Handbook. The Minnesota Legislature is planned to pass a permanent rule later this year.

Waters that will be open include Big Stone Lake in Big Stone County, Hendricks Lake in Lincoln County, Lake Traverse and Mud Lake in Traverse County, Bois de Sioux River to the North Dakota Border, and the Mustinka River from the mouth to the Minnesota State Highway 117 bridge.

Anglers need to be aware of the walleye special regulation that exists on the border waters. It consists of a walleye daily and possession limit of four, with only one allowed over 20 inches.

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