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The storm started miles from here along the western border of Minnesota. it was outside the treeline with nothing in its way to slow it down so it roared across the state. when it slammed into woods it started things swaying. the frail fell moments later in branches or aging trees.

The radio said to take cover immediately and that two opposing weather forces were going to collide somewhere just south of Ely Minnesota. a cold northern front would run into southern heated air rising up from the gulf. it did. all hail broke loose. if I could fly I would get so far above this stuff.

Clouds darkened the skies, the wind couldn't make up the flags mind. rain hit like BB'S so I ducked under my deck. The air went from steamed dampness to raw cold in the snap of my fingers. Nature, needing no instructions, cracked back in thunderous peals.

The lightning shot laze-rs of color under the foaming clouds. thunderclaps shook the ground. then with the force of all a storm could bare the sky erupted. its no longer rain, a torrent of sound takes over. rain, thunder, lightning all trying to be the loudest. it was the trifecta of noise. It's so loud from a yard generally so quiet.

Hiding under the deck roof kept me dry but it raised the hair on the back of my neck. One bolt in the wrong place and I be forever in heavenly aura. flashing pounding roaring rage with little ole me left only to watch. I should have sought cover but it was just to much to leave or not be in. I was in surround sound.

With a last gasp it snapped and hurled like a dagger a branch with freshest leaves for fletching. The grass in my yard matted flat from the pressure washing rain teamed up in a down-swept gale to force every blade in the same direction.

A storm is not the correct phrase for what just went through my yard. It was nothing short of aerial violence. Unnatural nature with crack in the sky, bolts of energy helter skeleter, frenetically going off like a rabid mortified cat.

It passed now. The wind has subsided and the tailings drift out over the big lake superior.

Bolts are distant now. Just small sparkles and grumblings in the sky. It's a good thing I got a grounds eye view. I think from above the clouds you would miss a lot..

The trout whisperer

DuNord Guide ServiceKarl "Trout Whisperer" Seckinger is a respected JustNorth author and outdoor adventurer. His guide service, DuNord Guide Service, and the trout waters that he fishes in the Superior National Forest, are some of the most tightly guarded secrets among Trout enthusiasts in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Contact Karl at 218 - 525 - 0442 or write to him at:

DuNord Guide Service - 6999 Culbertson Road, Two Harbors, Minnesota 55616

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