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The moose antler is 26 inches across the back. It has many points. Two points have been chewed on by a mouse or possibly a squirrel. Where the antler fell or shed off the moose’s head, is about as big around as my wrist. Where it fell on the ground, is next to a magical lake full of big brook trout but it’s a big piece of shed head gear to be sure.

Most of the coloration had been bleached out by the sun and at least several years of rain and snow melt took its toll on the original paint job.  The gray white looking relic while faded is still impressive, at least to me.

It’s hard to wrap my mind around the antlers as a set with possibly 52 inches of total width marching through the balsam trees or what have you when I can barely walk about in the boreal forest. Maybe it’s easier up there above my head and Alces alces has more of a neck for it than I do anyhow.

So now after finding, ah, stumbling upon bull winkles cast off I need to figure out how to get it and me into the kayak because only one of us will fit in the cockpit because there is no way I’m  leaving it behind. With maybe thirty yards of four pound mono I tie it on the hull in front of me.

The snow is falling and I have my five season ending brook trout. The massive boney front sail on my kayak is not helping but its time to head in for the day and the season, today is the last day.  My buddy paddling up next to me in the lake wants to know what on earth I have a piece of drift wood for. Right there I thought to my self, this is a big antler. I told him to take a closer look and then he said what a big moose shed it was.

When we got on solid ground again the snow turned to sleet.  We tied on the kayaks and tossed the shed in the back of the truck. He showed me his fish and I showed him mine. We had a fine day so we made some turkey with cheese sandwiches and then just went over that moose antler like it was the only one on earth.

You went dewatering and tripped on that. Wonder where that bull is. Think he’s still alive. Would have been fun to see him with the rack intact. We also wondered if we shouldn’t go back and try to find the other side but the sleet turned back to snow. That turned into maybe we’d look next year. If that wasn’t magic enough, a cow moose walks out into the lake we just left and swims across to the south shore.

We came into the Superior National Forest to take one last cast at the open water brookies for the season. We got some fantastic guidance from the MN DNR FISHERIES workers all year but this past Saturday night we really sang there praises. I’d also like to raise this moose horn of plenty in some sort of toast to all there efforts that I really appreciate.

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