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By felling a black ash tree and the optimal diameter here would be 8-10 inches in diameter, then cutting it into logs of various lengths (try starting with nothing longer than 12 inches) one can start the process of harvesting or creating “wood splints” for weaving. Once the desired log length is achieved, the log then needs all the bark removed.

FYI (Wood splints look or bare a –slight- resemblance to a tongue depressor.)

Now comes the pounding part.

By hammering or pounding the log, (along its vertical axis) this then separates the growth rings. These rings once free of each other can be peeled lengthwise away from the next inner ring and if guided gently with a sharp paring knife you create the actual wood splints. The thickness has been handled by Mother Nature in the density of the growth ring. You can make your wood splints (with in reason) up to one inch wide for weaving.

Once you have the quantity you’re after and graded for color discard any flaws, and scrape any spongy ash from your wood splints.

Many places online have tutorials for weaving something as simple as a place mat, maybe a bread basket, bird house or on to chair backing.

Important:  Remember to Weave damp, but not dripping.

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