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Why not take the whole family for an archery hunting camping adventure? Some of our best family outings were in the month of October, during deer hunting trips just north about 150 miles to one of our favorite hunting and camping spots. My mom and dad took my sister and me, starting at a very early age.

Even as I grew older and got married and had children of my own, we still kept the tradition of taking a long weekend up north to the same spot out in the wilderness with our kids and mom and dad. Sandra (my wife) would get the kids homework the day before we would leave so that would not be neglected.

We would grab up our camping gear and the dogs and set out as a family on a very much needed, stress free, long weekend trip. When our kids were very small, grandma and grandpa would totally enjoy taking the two boys on walks and hikes through mother natures many learning adventures. This would also give us, as parents a time to relax and enjoy the things that we liked to do so much. My wife, who was a working mother, would read or go for walks with the rest of them and I would be able to hunt and enjoy the outdoors. 

Later in the years, when our two boys started hunting, mom and dad and I would take the boys out hunting with their bows and arrows. We all had a real blast bonding together on these hunting camping trips. On many occasions mom and dad would stay up north, and while we were getting ready to leave for home, there would be tears in all our eyes. Dad always said it was the smoke getting in his eyes. Dad has passed on now and is very much missed. Now I have grandkids and I am teaching them the same traditions that he taught mine. Why not pass the tradition on to the kids, and they in turn will pass it on to their own children. 
My name is Ted Lake and I'm writing in memory of my dad Deuaine Lake. My dad started me when I was 5 years old (1956) and I've continued to teach both my boys the same respect for the sport of archery. The lessons in archery, hunting and camping with your family or friends will be embedded in them for the rest of their lives. Teach them to respect others and nature and they will get along in life much better and easier. Remember, if you take them to the out of doors, you do not have to wonder where they are. They will be at your side asking questions and wondering how God created this beautiful place on earth. With these lessons being taught to our children today, it might make the world a little better off tomorrow. 
Don’t forget the hot dogs and s’mores. What better way is there to teach them how to build a proper and safe campfire for cooking and for warmth? Maybe someday, it could save their life or someone else’s. 
Here is a campsite recipe, which is one of our favorites: 
Hobo Dinner 
Large piece of tin foil to wrap your meal (individual size) Lay onto foil 1 large hamburger patty On top of that, add your sliced carrots, cabbage, and potatoes Then add one more hamburger patty Then top it all off with about 1 cup of stewed tomatoes Salt and pepper to your own taste Wrap the tinfoil around it all tightly Toss it into the coals of your campfire Turn over about every five minutes, till you can smell it cooking Then check to see if your veggies are done Unwrap and let cool for a few minutes ENJOY!
This is an excellent meal to plan right after a good archery bowhunt. And if you are lucky and you have someone waiting for you back at camp, they might have it already started or waiting for you. Mmmm, makes my mouth water as I type this out. 
Happy hunting and camping!
You and yours deserve it.


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Thursday, February 18, 2010 2:18 PM
Hi Ted. I thoroughly enjoyed your article on Camping Family Style as I did the one on Archery Hunting for the Handicapped. Brings back lots of memories. You express the outdoor and family values that I both appreciate and have enjoyed through the years. Our family used to camp together when the children were young. I miss those days. Our children have pursed their goals so we don't camp any more with them but enjoy the memories when we get together - which is pretty often.
I particularly enjoyed seeing your recipe for Hobo Dinner. We did something very similar using stew meat as well as hamburg at different times, potatoes, onions, carrots, salt and pepper and whatever else we happened to have. We prepared them in single serving size packets and set them in the coals for about 5 minutes on each side. Boy! Were they ever good. I write a blog call along with my crossbow website. You've inspired me to add a few good camping and venison recipes to the blog.
Do you have a blog or website. I'd love to view it or them. Keep writing. I will look forward to seeing them.
PS I wrote a comment a few minutes ago and lost it in cyberspace. I wonder where it went? Another one of those mysteries of life I guess.

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