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Top 3 spring Salmon Fishing Tips

Don’t know which way to go for spring salmon fishing. Allow me to break it down and offer some suggestions for wherever you fish. Let’s discuss presentation, lures and location to jump start your spring.

Top producing spring lures

Article number one focused on presentation and this is very important.  Now let’s talk about water temperature and it’s relationship to the correct lure.  The best way to break this down is categorize the lure type by temperature Fahrenheit.

Thirty three through Forty degrees

Cold water means slow to dead slow presentation.  Since this article is about trolling I will not go into what an angler might use for lures when shore fishing or when the boat is stopped. For trolling very cold water small seems to work better than large and I go to my smallest lures in this cold water.  My set up for this scenario would be half of my baits as one half ounce or smaller spoons and the other half under two inch crank baits.  These small baits must work and provoke a strike at speeds less than 1.5 miles per hour trolling speed.  Color is determined water color and light.  Bright colors or glow colors are always part of my program in spring.

Forty one through fifty degrees

Beef up the size of your lures is the way to go.  Use the same spoons and cranks in larger sizes as you used for the colder water.  I would add to my program a few stick baits in the four inch size.  Depending on the water color some of the stick baits in the natural color patterns can be very effective.  A increase of boat speed will be required and necessary to bring these baits to life.  These larger baits should be run from 1.7 to 2.0 boat speed.

Above fifty degrees

At this point you are reaching the optimum temperature of cold water class fish like salmon and some trout.  Their metabolism cranks up and you may increase speed, bait size and lure action.

Magnum spoons or flashers with flies are a great option for these temps.

Hot location focus on temp breaks

Wind will dictate where you find the best concentration of fish.  Monitor the direction of the wind and this will help you find where warmer water is stacking up.  Surface temperature gauge is a must and your key tool to find any increase or decrease of temperature watch it closely!  River mouths and break water gaps are important spots to investigate.  Anywhere you find a increase in water temperature you will most likely find fish.

Hot spoons for spring

I keep talking about Vulcan spoons and more anglers are finding out that this spoon will out produce most spoons in their tackle box.  Reasonably priced and nearly indestructible they just keep on producing.  The regular size is a good bet for spring.  Vulcan spoons are sold by

Good Luck let's go fishing!
Capt. Jim

Jim charters out of Milwaukee, WI. with Blue Max Charters. He can be reached at 414-828-1094 or web site at Copyright© 2011 James J. Hirt, All Rights Reserved.


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