GRILLED CHEESE -  Sandwiches can be made without a pan--use a buddy burner if you have one or wrap the prepared sandwich in foil and place just above the coals (cooks real fast). To make it a more complete meal add tomatoes, onions and cold cuts or any combination of your choice before cooking.

KEBOBS - Of all sorts are easy to make and require no pans. If using
wooden skewers, soak them in water to slow down the burning and make sure you can cook without holding by hand over the fire; if using metal ones make sure each person has a good glove to hold it with or there is a proper handle on it.

Make kebobs with wieners, smokies, sausage or meatballs.  Pre cook
chicken, turkey, ham or any other meat cubes.  Use a variety of veggies such as peppers, canned taters, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.  As it is cooking, brush with bar-b-que sauce or teriyaki sauce if so desired.

RICE -  cooked in a sleeping bag. Take instant rice in 2 heavy duty zip
lock bags. Add slightly less than normal amount of boiling water, (it
must be at a full boil), add some raisins, nuts or some cinnamon and sugar, or whatever other flavoring you desire. Zip it up tight and place in a sleeping bag. The rice will cook in about 20 minutes. Once the rice is done, you can add cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins and nuts to make it a
dessert or snack; or you can use it as a side dish by adding butter, soy sauce or canned gravy.

BREAD - Add grated cheddar or parmesan cheese to butter, spread on bread slices (french or Italian loaves sliced thick work best) wrap in foil and put on coals or on a grate above the coals.

HOT DOGS - are always popular but if you are tired of the usual roasts,  try wrapping them in biscuit wraps and cooking them on a stick or wrap very loosely in foil and place on grate above fire for 15 to 30 minutes (time will depend on the heat of the fire and the weather. To make these more fun add cheese, onions, mustard, ketchup, pickles, bacon bits, etc. before wrapping.  If using a stick, only add a little bit or the wrap will rip.

SOUPS -  To tomato soup add croutons, bacon bits, cheese cubes, sliced
sausage; to vegetable soups ad precooked ground beef, wienies, cheese
cubes; to noodle soups add croutons, parmesan cheese, cubes of precooked
beef or chicken. Serve with crackers or cheese bread.

POTATO DINNER - Take a raw potato. Hollow out the center leaving
about 1/2 inch all the way around with skin attached. Fill the center with spiced hamburger with a bit of tomato sauce or use sausage pieces. Wrap tightly in foil and place on coals. Serve with cheese or garlic bread and a salad or some steamed or canned veggies. To steam veggies, slice thinly and make a foil pack and add a little water; seal and place on or over hot coals. Check after a 1/2 hour.  Potato will take about an hour.

ONION SKIN HAMBURGER - Cut a large onion in half cross-wise and remove most of the center, leaving about 3 or 4 layers. Mix up a hamburger mixture of your favorite seasonings and press into the hollowed out onion skin. Place directly on the coals for about 20 to 25    minutes.

BREAD CUPS - Use a stick that is about 3 inches across, wrap in foil,
grease foil and form biscuit mix or bread dough around the end of the
stick and cook over the fire. Remove from stick carefully when done and serve anything you like in the cup; chili, creamed chicken, creamed tuna stew, etc.

CREAMED CHICKEN - use cream of chicken soup with 1/2 can of milk/water and using precooked chicken chunks.

CREAMED TUNA - using cream of mushroom soup mixed with 1/2 can
milk/water and a can of drained tuna. Add canned veggies (drained) to the mixture. You may have to add more milk/water to make it of stew consistency.

CANNED stew or chili is also good served in the cups.

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